About Us

Welcome to the Actors' Wellbeing Academy - a service of Sense Connexion (www.senseconnexion.com).

Actors need to be vulnerable in a very positive way - able to affect and be affected by the text, by fellow actors, by the story being told. While vulnerability is associated with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, according to Dr Brene Brown, it is also the birthplace of love, trust, belonging, joy, empathy, creativity and connection . And, I believe, stress, trauma and vulnerability are qualities of life that require both personal and social negotiations in order for creative lives to flourish.

Through various training programs under my Resilient Vulnerability © model, I will introduce skills and strategies around presence, perception, preparation, process, partnership, perspective and playfulness to generate wisdom for the actor.

The goal is to empower you to become more sensitive and resilient risk-takers.

I'm Dr Mark Seton and I'm the Director of Sense Connexion, I am also Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at The University of Sydney. I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2009 to conduct a study tour of actor training healthcare practices in the UK. Arising from this study, the Equity Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, initiated a ground-breaking Actors’ Wellbeing Study (AWS) in 2013. I am a co-founder of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and am currently a member of its Executive Committee. Sense Connexion is also proud to be a member of the Australian Alliance for Wellbeing in Entertainment.